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    Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Countering Common Evolutionary
  • March 24, 2015
    Keith A. Robinson
    Countering Common Evolutionary "Proofs" in Biology Texts
    Aliens: An Evolutionary Idea

    Waukesha First Assembly
    1314 So. Grand Avenue
    Waukesha , WI

    There will be two lectures separated by a break:
    Countering Common Evolutionary "Proofs" in Biology Textbooks
    Everyone who has sat through a public school biology class knows that Evolution is a proven fact, right? After all, textbook publishers and teachers wouldn't present something that wasn't true, would they? In this presentation, Keith A. Robinson, author of the Origins Trilogy and Logic’s End, Pyramid of the Ancients and Escaping the Cataclysm analyzes ten of the top "proofs" for Evolution and demonstrates how in each case, the evidence is either misinterpreted, misleading, or downright false. Instead of proving evolution, the evidence actually points to a Creator.  What are the 10 major proofs for evolution?  You may be surprised to note how weak those “proofs” really are!

    Aliens: An Evolutionary Idea:
    Are we alone in the universe? Isn't the universe so huge that life must exist on other planets or at least on one other planet?  Is it possible that other intelligent beings and civilizations exist?  The answer to these questions and many others are largely dependent upon your worldview, particularly whether or not you believe in evolution. In this session, Mr. Robinson will discuss these issues and their theological implications. In addition, Keith will also present scientific research that demonstrates some of the flaws in Charles Darwin's famous Origins “theory”.
    About our speaker Keith A. Robinson:
    Keith A. Robinson is an author and public speaker on the issue of Creation and Evolution. His novels weave real arguments supporting the Christian faith into action-packed, science-fiction adventures. His novels include, Logic’s End, Pyramid of the Ancients and Escaping the Cataclysm. Keith has a master’s degree from Northern Illinois University, is a board member of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee , a public school educator and freelance musician.  Keith has dedicated his life to teaching others about the evidence for creation and against evolution.  He began his research into the Creation/Evolution debate back in 1998 when he taught the subject in an adult class at his church.  Since then, the Origin of Life debate has been his passion and his calling.  He has presented his research findings to school district administrators, public school teachers, private school students, university student groups and church members.
    Mr. Robinson resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his wife Stephanie and their five children. He also has a 110 pound old-English sheepdog named Osa.
    Website: www.genesismatters.org
    ·  Free Admission  ·  Public Invited  ·  Creation Literature,  DVD’S Available  ·
    Sunday, April 12, 2014 Ken Ham
  • Sunday, April 12, 2015
    Ken Ham
    10am - Is Genesis Relevant in 2015?
    5pm - The 7 C's of History

    Calvary Baptist Church
    792 Milford St.
    Watertown, WI 53094
    For More Information contact 
    Karen Bond at 920-261-7237
    Is Genesis Relevant in 2015?

    Ken Ham reveals that accepting the Bible’s very first book as literal history is absolutely vital. Genesis is the foundation for all Christian doctrine and even the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    In this hard-hitting presentation, Ken Ham reveals that accepting the Bible’s very first book as literal history is absolutely vital. Genesis is the foundation for all Christian doctrine and even the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also find out:
    • Why Christians must believe in Genesis 1–11 as literal history.
    • Why social ills such as abortion, homosexual behavior, racism etc. are related to the creation/evolution issue.
    • That Christianity is losing its effectiveness in cultures because much of the church has compromised the Word of God in Genesis.
    • The reason the church needs a new reformation.
    • How Christians need to “de-secularize” their thinking and reconnect the Bible with the real world and put on “Biblical glasses.”
    The 7 C's of History:

    ‘The 7 C’s of History’ is a catchy phrase that helps people remember the big events that have affected (or will affect) the universe: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.

    God created in six normal-length days around 6,000 years ago. His completed creation was ‘very good’ (Genesis 1:31), and all the original animals and the first two humans (Adam and Eve) ate only plants (Genesis 1:29–30). Life was perfect, and not yet affected by the Curse.

    God told Adam that he could eat from any tree in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:8) except one—the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He warned Adam that death would be the punishment for disobedience (Genesis 2:17). Instead of listening to the command of his Creator, Adam chose to rebel, eating the fruit from the tree (Genesis 3:6). Because our holy God must punish sin, He sacrificed animals to make coverings for Adam and Eve, and sent the first couple from the garden, mercifully denying them access to the Tree of Life, so that they would not live forever in their sinful state.

    Adam’s sin ushered death, sickness and sorrow into the once-perfect creation (Romans 5:12). God also pronounced acurse on the world, changing it completely (Genesis 3Romans 8:20–22). As a result, the world that we now live in is merely a decaying remnant—a corruption—of the beautiful, righteous world that Adam and Eve originally called home. The good news is that, rather than leave His precious handiwork without hope, God graciously promised to one day send a Redeemer who would buy back His people from the curse of sin (Genesis 3:15).

    As the descendants of Adam and Eve married and filled the earth with offspring, their wickedness was great (Genesis 6:5). God judged their sin by sending a global Flood to destroy all men, animals, creatures that move along the ground, and the birds of the air (Genesis 6:7). Those God chose to enter the Ark—Noah and his family, and land-dwelling representatives of the animal kingdom—were saved from the watery catastrophe. This earth-covering event has left its mark even today. From the thousands of feet of sedimentary rock found around the world, to the ‘billions of dead things buried in rock layers’ (aka ‘fossils’), the Flood reminds us even today that our righteous God cannot—and will not—tolerate sin, while the Ark reminds us that He provides a way of salvation from sin’s punishment. The rainbows we experience remind us of God’s promise never again to destroy the earth with water.

    After the Flood, God commanded Noah and his family—the only humans left in the world—and the animals to fill the earth (Genesis 8:17). However, the human race once again disobeyed God’s command and built a tall tower, which they hoped would keep them together (Genesis 11:3–4). So, around 100 years after the Flood waters retreated, God brought a confusion (a multiplicity) of languages in place of the common language the people shared, causing them to spread out over the earth. From these various groups are descended all the tribes and nations in the world today. Despite what you’ve been led to believe about our seeming superficial differences, we really are all ‘one blood’ (Acts 17:26)—descendants of Adam and Eve through Noah and his family—and all, therefore, in need of salvation from sin.

    Our salvation comes through Christ, the Creator God who stepped into history to become a man who would do what the first Adam did not do—live a perfect life in obedience to the Father ( 1 Corinthians 15:45–49 ). He was the Redeemer who had been promised 4,000 years earlier and who came to save the world from sin by dying on the Cross and rising three days later—paying the death penalty for those who receive His free gift of eternal life ( Romans 6:23 ).

    Those who have repented and placed their faith in the finished work of Christ look forward to the consummation of all things in the future, when the Curse will be removed and God will provide the new heavens and the new earth for His children. There will be no death or mourning or crying or pain (
    Revelation 21:4).

    So, that’s a summary of the message our guests will experience as they make their way through the museum. We’ll also be providing details of how true science confirms that biblical account of history, and we’ll be answering the skeptical claims leveled at the Bible time and again. Our hope is that this museum will challenge non-Christians to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, equip Christians to better evangelize the lost, and exalt Jesus Christ as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Jerry Frye
  • Tuesday, April 14, 2015
    7:00 p.m.

    Exalting evolution:
    Their foolish hearts were darkened.
    Jerry Frye

    Brookside Baptist Church
    4470 N. Pilgrim Rd.
    Brookfield, Wisconsin
    “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.” (Romans 1:20-21)
    Jerry Frye will provide us with overwhelming evidence that this is indeed the case -- because when one contemplates the creation on any level, from micro to macro, it is only reasonable to conclude that there was a Creator, and He is the God of the Bible. 
    Among the topics he will cover are these: 
    •    The anthropic principle, which reveals that all the seemingly arbitrary and unrelated constants in physics have one very strange common denominator: they are precisely the values needed for a universe capable of producing life
    •    Irreducible complexity, which tells us that even the simplest biological systems are extremely complex, containing many interdependent parts that could not possibly have evolved individually
    •    Specified complexity, which points to patterns in creation that are both specified and complex and therefore defy evolutionary explanations
    •    Interoperability, describing the ability of diverse information systems to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged – another capability that could not have evolved by random chance 
    Exploring concepts such as these, Jerry will demonstrate that "in the beginning, God ..." The result will be a presentation that is sure to strengthen your personal faith -- and provide you with persuasive, easy-to-convey arguments for use in your own discussions with skeptics. If you ever find yourself debating science with unbelievers – or if you simply never tire of learning more about God’s creation – this is a talk you won’t want to miss.
    About Jerry Frye
    Mr. Frye is president and owner of The Benefit Services Group, Inc. (BSG®), an employee benefit brokerage firm that serves nationwide employers in a variety of industries, and consults for health care systems in Wisconsin and Illinois. He has served for over 25 years in various roles in the insurance and employee benefits industry. Jerry is regarded as an industry innovator and has been a featured speaker at numerous events including the University Conference Services series, CEBS seminars, physician symposiums, employment law seminars and Americans for Prosperity forums.   Jerry attended the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee and majored in chemistry and accounting.
    He has earned the professional designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Registered Health Underwriter (RHU), Registered Employee Benefit Consultant (REBC) and Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL).
    Website: www.genesismatters.org
    ·  Free Admission  ·  Public Invited  ·  Creation Literature,  DVD’S Available
    The Mystery of Noah's Flood - Movie Production
  • Ian Juby is producing a film called "The Mystery of Noah's Flood".
    Click on the promo for more information.
    Click here to support this project.


    Genesis Week Television Program - New Season Started September 3!
    Genesis Week
    with Ian Juby
    Genesis Week is a weekly television program produced by Ian Juby. Ian demontrates that Creation is the faith that fits the facts and Evolution is the faith that the facts have failed. Ian answers your questions and questions your answers. Be sure to like Genesis Week on Facebook!

    Genesis Week season three began Tuesday, September 3 and airs each Tuesday at 8:30 pm on The Walk TV.
    Click Here to Watch The Walk TV Online
    If you are not able to watch the program live, you can catch it later at www.genesisweek.com. The program is uploaded each Friday.

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2012-13 Lecture Season Finale:

Jerry Frye
A Created Universe
God is Angry and Man is Without Excuse

April 16, 2013 @ Brookside Baptist Church


For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.
Romans 1:20

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