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Speaker Profiles
    Jay Seegert

Jay Seegert (author and international speaker) is the Co-Founder and Principal Lecturer for the Creation Education Center (CECwisc.com).  He is the author of “Let There Be Light” (sub-title: “Making Sense of the Creation/Evolution Controversy”) and has conducted 1,400 lectures in the US and two other countries.  Contact him directly at jay@CECwisc.com or (262) 227-5636.  Click Here for More Information


Keith A. Robinson, M.A.
Author of Logic's End:
A Novel about the Origin of Life in the Universe

Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others how to defend the Christian faith. Since the release of Logic’s End, his first novel, he has been a featured speaker at Christian music festivals, homeschool conventions, apologetics seminars and churches, as well as appearing as a guest on numerous radio shows. In addition, he is also the Principle Lecturer of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.

Since completing his Origins Trilogy, Mr. Robinson has been working on The Tartarus Chronicles, a new series of action/adventure novels dealing with the topic of world religions and worldviews. When not writing or speaking, Mr. Robinson is the full-time public school orchestra director at Indian Trail High School & Academy, and he is a professional freelance violist and violinist in the Southeastern Wisconsin/Northeastern Illinois area. He currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his wife, Stephanie, their five children, and a Rottweiler.  More
Kitty Foth-Regner
was living the feminist dream—a successful copywriting business, the perfect live-in boyfriend, beautiful garden, and a nice house. But when her beloved mother developed a fatal illness, she found herself on the brink of despair with nothing but questions: Could there possibly be a God? If so, which God? And might Heaven really exist?

Bound by a whispered promise, Kitty set out to answer these questions.  She investigated the scientific, historical, and prophetic evidences for the supernatural.  Scrutinized a kaleidoscope of worldviews, from Hinduism to the New Age.  And finally found the answers she sought in Biblical Christianity.

Kitty has written a book called Heaven Without Her.  Recounted in Foth-Regner's own smart and oftentimes witty voice, Heaven Without Her demonstrates for skeptic and believer alike that truth is indeed knowable - and that it can be discovered by anyone who is willing to examine the evidence objectively.
Ken Bahr
Ken Bahr taught Biology, Physical Science, and English at Milwaukee Lutheran High School for 36 years out of a teaching career of forty years.  He taught Algebra and Plane Geometry 4 years at Concordia College High School, in Milwaukee, WI.
He received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Concordia Teacher’s College in River Forest, Illinois.  As a NSF (National Science Foundation) student he obtained his Master’s in Science Education at the University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.
Having an interest in the study of God’s creation, Ken has been active in the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee as President for 17 years, and is currently serving as Program Chairman.
Ken is available to present various topics for your school or church or other occasions.  More
Russ Hanson
Creation scientist Russ Hanson has a
Bachelor of Science degree in geology
from the University of Wisconsin.
For 18 years (1992 - 2009) Russ Hanson was the Executive Director of In The Beginning Ministries.
In the Beginning Ministries has been dissolved and Russ is no longer doing public speaking.
Please pray for Russ and Laurie Hanson and their family.
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Dr. Gary Locklair
is the professor and chair of Computer Science at Concordia University Wisconsin where he has served since 1986.
Prior to that he worked in the computing industry including seven years at Hewlett-Packard company, culminating as a program manager for the LaserJet printer.
Dr. Locklair has been an active researcher in the field of Cosmogony (science of Origins) for more than 20 years. He teaches a science class in Cosmogony at Concordia University Wisconsin. Dr. locklair currently serves on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society (CRS), the oldest international organization devoted to scientific investigation of the Creation Model of Origins. Gary and his wife are also members of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.
Gary and his wife, Karen, have 5 children and 1 grandchild. They live on a 5 acre hobby farm with two dogs and a horse just south of Random lake, Wisconsin.
Tim Chaffey
Tim Chaffey is the founder and director of Midwest Apologetics, a ministry dedicated to defending the Word of God from the beginning to the end.
Tim holds a B.S. and M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies as well as a Master of Divinity specializing in Apologetics and Theology.  More
Jerry Frye
Mr. Frye is president and owner of The Benefit Services Group, Inc, an employee benefit brokerage firm that serves nationwide employers in a variety of industries, and consults for health care systems in Wisconsin and Illinois.  He has served for more than 25 years in various roles in the insurance and employee benefits industry.  Jerry is regarded as an industry innovator and has been a featured speaker at numerous events including the University Conference Services series, CEBS seminars, physican symposiums, employment law seminars and Americans for Proserity forums.  Jerry attended the Univerty of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and majored in chemistry and accounting.  He has earned the professional designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Registered Health Underwriter (RHU), Registered Employee Benefit Consultant (REBC), and Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL).  More
Dr. Nathan Jastram
is head of the Theology Department at Concordia University Wisconsin. Dr. Jastram has a special connection to the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He was one of the few scholars in the world to work directly with the Scrolls and to publish a first edition of their contents.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1948, demonstrate the extreme accuracy of the copying of Biblical manuscripts, contrary to the assumptions of evolutionary scholars and others.



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