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Recommended Websites:
Academic Freedom Day
Akron Fossils & Science Center - Akron, Ohio
Anno Mundi Books - Forgotten History of the Western People
Answers In Genesis - Petersburg, Kentucky (Near Cincinnati, Ohio)
Apologetics Fiction
Big Valley Creation Science Museum - Big Valley, Alberta, Canada
Center for Scientific Creation - Dr. Walter Brown 
Christian Answers.net 
Chick Publications - Books on Evolution
Christian Creation Association - Janesville, WI
Christian Ministries International
CreationAstronomy.com - Mike Psarris
Creation Education Center
Creation Instruction Association - Brian Young
Creation Ministries International
Creation Moments
Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky (Near Cincinnati, Ohio)
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Evangelism, Pensacola, FL
Creation Science Hall of Fame
Creation Studies Institute
Creation Sundays
Creation SuperLibrary 
Creation Tips
Creation Training Initiative - Mike Riddle
Creation Truth Foundation - Dr. G. Thomas Sharp and Dr. Charles Jackson
Creation Truth Ministries - Vance Nelson
Defending Genesis - Rev Tony Breeden
Dragons or Dinosaurs
Everlasting Place - Kitty Foth-Regnor
Evidence Web - Web Museum - John Mackay - Great Britain
Evolution Handbook (Formerly Evoution Cruncher)
Evolution: The Grand Experiment
Evolution vs. God
FACT Ministries
Forbidden History: Dinosaurs and the Bible
Genesis Evidence Ministry - Teno Groppi
Genesis Week - Video Series by Ian Juby
Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
Logos Research Associates
Lutheran Science Institute
Midwest Creation Fellowship
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, Crosbyton, Texas
New Creations - Panoramic Bible Summary
Noah's Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph
Reasons for Hope - Carl Kerby
The Great Dinosaur Mystery
Untold Secrets Of Planet Earth - Vance Nelson
Walter Lang, Two Decades of Creationism
Wazooloo.com - Ian Juby - You Tube Channel
What's the Evidence?
Your Origins Matter
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