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Creation Science Society of Milwaukee



Creation Worldview Weekend
February 19, 20, 21 2010
Creation Worldview Weekend
FREE and Open to the Public
Jansen Family Park
3745 Schuster Drive
West Bend, WI 53090

Friday February 19
6PM  DVD "The Ultimate Proof of Creation"
7PM  Part 1 "Live"
         New Life Creation Ministries www.NewLifewithChrist.net
          Topics will include:
  • Is the Earth Billions of Years Old?
  • Did God Really Create Us?
  • Big Bang?
  • What is Science?
  • Can the Bible be Trusted?
  • One Race?
  • What is a Worldview?
  • 6 Literal Days?
  • Pascal's Wager?
  • Is Genesis a Side Issue?
  • and Much, Much More!
Saturday February 20
Answers in Genesis Video Conference Ministry www.AnswersInGenesis.org
10AM  War of the Worldviews DVD
1PM    Evolution in Pop Culture DVD
2PM    Answers to Difficult Questions DVD
3PM    Simple Tools for Brain Surgery DVD
4PM    Already Gone DVD
          "Already Gone" is a powerful wake-up call to Christians as to why
           our children are leaving the Church in record numbers and what
           we can do to stop it.
Sunday February 21
3PM  "Science and the Bible" Jay Seegert
         Jay is the president and principle lecturer for the Creation Education Center
         as well as a national speaker for Creation Ministries International
          (the world's largest Creation organization).
4:30PM Part 2 "Live"
           New Life Creation Ministries www.NewLifeWithChrist.net
           Please see part 1 for a list of topics
Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks for the hope that is in you.
     1 Peter 3:15
Contact Person: Karen Minor
Phone: 262-573-5912
Email: CreationWorldviewWeekend@gmail.com
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