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20120214 Dr Gary Locklair
Tuesday February 14, 2012
6:45pm Annual Meeting
7:00 p.m. Lecture

Understanding Fossil Evidence
Dr. Gary Locklair

Concordia University
Lakeshore Room
12800 N. Lake Shore Drive
Mequon, WI
6:45pm Annual Meeting and Election of Officers
7:00pm Dr. Gary Locklair’s Presentation

Fossils are fascinating.  Almost Everyone seems to enjoy finding and looking at the fossilized remains of once living creatures.  How can dead things help us understand the origin of life?  Fossils hold many clues about the origin of life on earth.  There are many popular, but misinformed, notions about fossils.  While the media declares that fossils prove evolution, some Christians believe fossils were planted by Satan to test their faith.  Neither view is correct.
Like all origin issues, the fossils are evidence that must be interpreted within a model of origins.  The fossils can't speak for themselves, so scientists provide the interpretation.  Creationary and evolutionary scientists study the exact same evidence, the fossils, yet come to radically different conclusions about the origin of life on earth.  This presentation will focus on the different interpretive frameworks used by scientists in evaluating fossil evidence.  Fossils provide powerful evidence for an original creation that was spectacularly diverse, but ultimately cursed.  Come and learn how to think about fossils and see how the evidence fits with "And God said, "Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds . . ." Genesis 1:24
This presentation is jointly sponsored by the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee and the Alpha Chi honor society at Concordia University Wisconsin.  Come early to view some fossils on display.
Dr. Gary Locklair is the professor and chair of Computer Science at Concordia University Wisconsin where he has served since 1986.
Prior to that he worked in the computing industry including seven years at Hewlett-Packard company, culminating as a program manager for the LaserJet printer.
Dr. Locklair has been an active researcher in the field of Cosmogony (science of Origins) for more than 25 years.  He teaches a class in Cosmogony at Concordia University Wisconsin.  Dr. Locklair currently serves on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society (CRS), the oldest international organization devoted to scientific investigation of the Creation Model of Origins.
Take Interstate 43 to the Mequon Road exit.
Go east to Lakeshore Drive.
Go north to Main Campus Entrance.
Turn right at the Main Campus Entrance.
Turn right on the campus road.
Park in Lot A or B.
Use the Main Lobby Entrance.
The Lakeshore Room is inside to the right down the hall on the right.
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