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20110208 Scott Hardin
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
6:15pm - 7:15pm Buffet ($10 & RSVP)
7:15pm - 7:30pm Annual Meeting
7:30pm - 9pm  Lecture and Question and Answer
Dr. Scott Hardin
From Fish to Amphibian,  a Practical View
Annual Meeting and Buffet
Grace Lutheran Church
N87 W16171 Kenwood Blvd.
Menomonee Falls, WI
Please RSVP for the Buffet to Ken & Betty Bahr by February 1, 2011! (262-255-4643)
After a delicious buffet dinner being served at 6:15 PM, and a brief business meeting at 7:15PM, a presentation by Dr. Scott Hardin will begin at 7:30 PM.   We will be having a homemade catered buffet dinner of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, carrots, dinner rolls, coffee, milk and cake.  Bring family and friends!  Cost for the Buffet is $10.00 per person.   Please contact Ken or Betty Bahr (262-255-4643) to register for the February 8th Buffet!
A review will be made by Dr. Scott Hardin of some of the assertions made by proponents of the concept of evolution and he will challenge the validity of the same using acceptable laws of science, logic and common sense.  Both evolutionists and creationists start with the statement,  “In the beginning.....” It is what follows that creates divergent views.  Dr. Hardin’s  talk is called "From Fish to Amphibian, a Practical View".  It will be about the anatomic changes that need to occur in order for the fish ancestor species to transform into the first amphibian, with a special emphasis on the cardiopulmonary systems.  He will explain that there is no way for the changes to occur from a genetic standpoint, and if there is no way for the fish ancestor organism to acquire the necessary DNA, then it is impossible for the fish to transform into an amphibian.  We hope that many of you will be coming to hear why the creation view of Origins is so important in this day when the media and public education disallows any view except evolution as the way all life has come about in this God created world of ours.
Dr. Scott Hardin has been  married for  23 years.  He and his wife have 6  children - 4 biological and 2 adopted.  He has a professional - BS with honors from UW-Milwaukee 1988, an  MD from Medical College of Wisconsin 1993, and has completed the 4 year Graduated Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency MCW in 1997.   He has been in full time clinical practice from 1997- present, but the last 5 years he has been more into administration at St Luke's and Aurora.  He is the Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services for St Luke's Hospital 2005 to present, the Clinical Safety officer for St. Luke's 2007 - present, and the Vice Chief of Staff 2010 and 2011 and Chief of Staff 2012 and 2013.
If you prefer to come only to hear Dr. Scott Hardin’s presentation, come up stairs to the church proper to hear him, the presentation should begin approximately at 7:30 PM.  Bring family and friends to hear his talk.  Being sponsored by CSSM there is no charge to attend just the presentation.  We hope to see you!
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