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20111025 Jay Seegert
October 25, 2011

Jay Seegert
“Evolution: Probable or Problematic? – A Brief Look Under the Hood”

Zion Lutheran Church
N48 W18700 Lisbon Rd.,
Menomonee Falls, WI
Jay developed this lecture after he attended a high-powered, invitation-only 3-day BioInformatics symposium at Cornell University this summer.
Jay will demonstrate that various aspects of evolution actually seem fairly plausible to many people, including Christians.  For example, a fish slowly turning into an amphibian… with the fins being slightly modified into short legs/feet and being able to crawl up on land and breath air.  So from a certain distance or vantage point, things can appear to be quite plausible or look very good.  However, when you “look under the hood” you see a completely different picture.
In this talk, Jay will “take a look under the hood” regarding what actually has to happen genetically in order for a single cell organism to change into a human being.  He will show how DNA works and point out a serious problem with the concept of evolution.  By the end of the lecture, the audience sees how utterly impossible molecules-to-man evolution really is, even though portions of their story occasionally seem plausible.
About the Speaker:
Jay Seegert is the Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer for the Creation Education Center (CECwisc.com), as well as a former national speaker for Creation Ministries International.  He also served as President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, Inc. for 3 years.
Jay recently accepted a position as an Ambassador for Logos Research Associates LogosResearchAssociates.org and is also a Broadcast Celebrity for The Third Rail (a project of the Biblical Worldview Broadcast Team).
Jay has degrees in Physics and Engineering and has been speaking on the Creation/Evolution controversy for over 25 years.

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