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20120925 Dr Gary Locklair
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Human Creativity Reflects God's Creativity
Professor Gary Locklair Ph.D.
Location: Concordia University Wisconsin,
Pharmacy Building
lecture Room PH 008
12800 N. Lakeshore Dr. Mequon, WI          See Directions and Map Below
There are many powerful scientific evidences to support the creation model of origins. In addition, there are a number of persuasive philosophical arguments for the existence of a creator God. In this presentation we’ll consider a powerful analogy for creation: human creativity.

If human beings were created in God’s image, we should reflect aspects of that image in our lives. One area where human beings mirror the image of God is in creative acts. When a person creates, there are three aspects of the creative process. These three aspects flow from the triune nature of God the Creator.

The three aspects of the creative process are idea, implementation, and interaction. These three are not necessarily linear and progressive “steps,” but concepts that envelope and define the creative action. When an artist creates a painting, the artist has an idea in mind. The artist then implements the idea using media such as paint and paper. The artist’s friends will provide feedback as they interact with the painting.

In this presentation, we’ll investigate several examples of human creativity and then connect the three aspects of the creative process to the three Persons of the Trinity and their roles in the creation of the heavens and the earth.

Professor Gary Locklair is professor and chair of Computer Science and Information Technology at CUW. He has been an active researcher in the field of cosmogony (science of origins) for over 25 years. Gary currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Creation Research Society, the oldest scientific society dedicated to investigating the creation model of origins. Gary and his wife Karen have 5 children and 1 grandchild. They live on a hobby farm in the town of Fredonia.

This presentation is jointly sponsored by the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee and the Alpha Chi honor society at Concordia University WI.
Take Interstate 43 and exit Mequon Road
Go east to N. Lakeshore Drive
Go North to the main entrance on Highland Drive
Go into the main entrance, turn left, and you will see the Pharmacy Building on the right.
It is labeled PH on the map below.
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