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    Keith Robinson, Saturday, February 6 - Sunday, February 7, 2016
  • Saturday, February 6, 2016
    Sunday, February 7, 2016
    Keith Robinson Seminar


    Hillside Community Church
    S93 W30580 County Road NN, Mukwonago, WI 53149
    262-363-8025          Map
    9:00-10:00 am   Evolution vs Creation

    The Debate Rages On! We've been taught that science supports evolution! The Bible teaches creation! Keith Robinson will share the scientific findings that evolutionists point to...  and what they really prove!
    10:00-10:30 am   Break - Coffee...
    10:30-11:30 am   Aliens and Evolution
    The Connection! People believe in aliens for two key reasons. Learn what they are, and what science and Scripture have to say about them!
    11:30-12:00   Q&A and Morning Wrap Up
    6:00-7:20 pm   Hillside Cafe Worship Service 
                              Sermon: The Uniqueness of Christianity

    Is Christianity really the only way to God – considering there are so many religions in the world?  Don't we all worship the same God? (Repeated Sunday morning at 9:00am) 
    7:30-8:30 pm   Why Does God Allow Suffering?
              ...and Answers to Other Tough Questions Kids (and Parents!) Ask!
              ...Q&A and Wrap Up! (Repeated Sunday morning at 10:40am)
    SUNDAY,  FEBRUARY 7, 2016
    9:00-10:20 am   Hillside Community Church Worship Service
                    Sermon: The Uniqueness of Christianity    
                                                      Is Christianity the only way to God – considering there are so many religions in the world?  Don't we all worship the same God?
    10:20-10:40   Break - Coffee
    10:40-11:30 am   Why Does God Allow Suffering?
    …and Answers to Other Tough Questions Kids (and Parents!) Ask! Q&A!

    About Our Speaker:
    Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others how to defend the Christian faith. Since the release of Logic’s End, his first novel, he has been a featured speaker at Christian music festivals and churches, as well as appearing as a guest on numerous radio shows. In addition, he is also the Principle Lecturer for the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.
    Since completing his Origins Trilogy, Mr. Robinson has been working on The Tartarus Chronicles, a new series of action/adventure novels dealing with the topic of world religions and worldviews.
    When not writing or speaking, Mr. Robinson is a full-time public school orchestra director at Indian Trail High School & Academy, he serves as the Principal Violist of the Full Score Chamber Orchestra in Zion, Illinois, and he is a professional freelance violist and violinist in the Southeastern Wisconsin/Northeastern Illinois area. He currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his wife, Stephanie, their five children, an old-English sheepdog and a Rottweiler puppy.
        •Bachelor's and Master's of Arts degrees from  Northern Illinois Univ.
        • Public speaker on apologetics topics
        • Public School Educator for over 14 years
        • Principle Lecturer for the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee  
        • Freelance violist, violinist and vocalist
    ·  Free Admission  ·  Public Invited  ·  Creation Literature,  DVD’S Available  ·

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    Incredible Evidence for the Bible ... in Secular Museums! Tuesday, February 9, 2016 | 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, February 9, 2016
         6:00pm Buffet Dinner (Contributions Requested)
         6:45pm Annual Members Meeting
         7:15pm Randy Melchert Lecture

    Incredible Evidence for the Bible .... in Secular Museums!
    Grace Lutheran Church
    W196N9525 Crossview Way
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051     MAP
    Please RSVP to Ken and Betty Bahr at 262-255-4643 or kenbet@milwpc.com
    Did Nimrod build cities like Genesis says? Was David a real person? Did the Queen of Sheba visit Solomon? Did Pharoah Shishak attack Rehoboam? Did Ahab really exist? Is there any proof for Omri's existence? Were kings like Jehu and Jehoash and Hoshea just made up? Did Ahaz and Hezekiah leave any artifacts from their reigns? Did an angel from God really wipe out an entire Assyrian army? Why did Belshazzar offer to make Daniel only the third ruler of the kingdom? 
    Throughout the Bible we read events recorded as history - but is there any records outside of the Bible confirming Scripture's account? Randy Melchert will lead you on a global tour of secular museums as we uncover incredible evidence for the Bible's historical accuracy in Chicago, London, Paris, Berlin, Jerusalem, and elsewhere. 
    Next time you encounter skeptics who challenge the accuracy of the Bible, or well meaning friends who say the Bible is a moral guide but not historically accurate, take them with you on a virtual (or in-person!) trip to see proof of the Bible's accuracy.
    About Our Speaker:
    Randy Melchert is an attorney, past intercollegiate debate national champion, former radio station owner, and 2014 candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer. Randy has a Bachelor's degree in Bible from Bob Jones University, a Master’s degree in Church History from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a second Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Public Address from Bob Jones University, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin. 
    Randy has also led several tours of the Oriental Institute - a secular museum at the University of Chicago that contains the largest collection of Biblical artifacts in the Western Hemisphere. He developed a self-guided tour of the museum and other Christian interest sites in Chicago available for free at http://bit.ly/chicagobiblehistory.
    ·  Free Admission  ·  Public Invited  ·  Creation Literature,  DVD’S Available  ·

    Science's War on Christianity | Tuesday, March 8, 2016 | 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, March 8, 2016

    Science's War Against Christianity
    Dr. Jerry Bergman


    Grace Bible Church
    2643 S. 117th St.
    West Allis, WI
    Science supports Creation, but evolutionists still fight the true facts.
    About Our Speaker:
    Dr. Bergman teaches biology, chemistry, and anatomy at Northwest State College in Archbold, Ohio and is an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Toledo Medical College.  He has 9 degrees, including a Doctorate from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. His over 1,000 publications are in both scholarly and popular science journals, and he has published 38 books and monographs.  Dr. Bergman’s work has been translated into 12 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Polish and Swedish. 

    His books and, or books that include chapters he authored, are in over 1,400 libraries in 26 countries. So far over 80,000 copies of the 38 books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print. 

    He has spoken over 2,000 times to college, university, and church groups in American Canada, Europe and Africa. He has also been a guest on hundreds of radio and television shows. 
    ·  Free Admission  ·  Public Invited  ·  Creation Literature,  DVD’S Available  ·

    Bus Trip to Ark Encounter and Creation Museum | Thursday, August 4, 2016 to Saturday, August 6, 2016

  • Ark Encounter + Creation Museum Bus Trip!

    Creation Science Society of Milwaukee
       Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 2:00 PM to
       Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 10:00 PM (CDT)

    Bus Pickup Stop / Brookside Baptist Church 
    4470 Pilgrim Rd 
    Brookfield, WI 53005     Map

    Click Here to Register

    See the new Ark Encounter and tour the Creation Museum just outside Cincinnati, OH without having to drive or fly!
    When you travel with Brookside Baptist Church and the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, you will embark Thursday for a beautiful ride on a 56 passenger deluxe motor coach from Brookfield, WI to the Cincinnati area. Along the way we'll stop for dinner (on your own) around Indianapolis.

    On Thursday night, we will check in for the first of two nights at the Comfort Suites Cincinnati Airport right near the Creation Museum (included with your package).

    Friday morning, following complimentary breakfast at the hotel we will head to the brand new Ark Encounter near Williamsburg, Kentucky! You’ve probably seen pictures of Noah’s Ark in children’s books, complete with giraffe heads sticking out the top. But the real Noah’s Ark, the one described in the Bible, was huge. It was amazingly seaworthy—a ship that kept the occupants safe during a year-long worldwide flood. Prepare to be blown away as you explore the life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark.
    Friday night we will return the group to the Comfort Suites Cincinnati for your second night. An optional downtown Cincinnati excursion is available for those who want to see the sights and lights along the river.

    Saturday morning, following breakfast, we will head over to the state-of-the-art 75,000-square-foot Creation Museum. In addition to admission to the museum, your package includes an informative and dynamic Planetarium Show at 1:30 PM.
    Afterwards (many dining options on your own at the Creation Museum) we'll load back up on the deluxe motor coach to head home. Following a dinner stop around Indianapolis (on your own), we should arrive back in Brookfield around 9 PM on Saturday so you can be well rested for church on Sunday.

    $259.00 Double Occupancy
    $349.00 Single Occupancy
    $174.00 Extra Occupancy
                  (Includes: Bus, Hotel, Admission, Planetarium)

    Can you add another Pickup Spot?

    Milwaukee, Kenosha, Chicago:
    If your pickup point is close to I-41/US-41/I-94 between Brookfield and Kenosha - yes we can, please contact us if you would be interested in this.

    Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Sheboygan:
    We may be able to arrange a pickup earlier that will take you to Brookfield. Call Arnie at 612-280-5732 or email me at events@genesismatters.org
    What does Occupancy Mean?

    Single Occupancy means it's just you - no roommate, no sharing a hotel room with anyone. As such, it's a bit more expensive than Double Occupancy.

    Double Occupancy is the price per person for sharing a room. A married couple will each need a Double Occupancy ticket (2 total for the couple), as would two singles travelling together. Please let us know who you will be rooming with so we can make reservations appropriately.

    Extra Occupancy is the price for each extra person in the hotel room. If a family is bringing a child who will share a hotel room with them, you will need 2 Double and 1 Extra tickets. If 4 singles are sharing a room, you will need 2 Doubles and 2 Extras.
    What if I want the cheaper rate but don't have a roommate?
    If you would like the Double Occupancy rate (Save $74!) but do not have a roommate, please contact us in case we may be able to find one for you.
    Can I pay by Cash or Check?

    Yes, you can pay by cash (in person only) or check (in person or by mail) at Brookside Baptist Church, 4470 Pilgrim Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005. The church is open during regular office hours, just mark on the payment envelopes "CREATION MUSEUM TRIP" and put your name on the envelope. Paying by cash or check also saves you the credit card processing costs (approximately 5%).
    Where can I learn more about the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee?
    Visit our website at www.genesismatters.org
    Have questions about Ark Encounter + Creation Museum Bus Trip!?

    Contact Creation Science Society of Milwaukee at events@genesismatters.org or call Arnie at 612-280-5732.
    Genesis Week Television Program
    Genesis Week
    with Ian Juby
    Genesis Week is a weekly television program produced by Ian Juby. Ian demontrates that Creation is the faith that fits the facts and Evolution is the faith that the facts have failed. Ian answers your questions and questions your answers. Be sure to like Genesis Week on Facebook!

    Genesis Week season three began Tuesday, September 3 and airs each Tuesday at 8:30 pm on The Walk TV.
    Click Here to Watch The Walk TV Online
    If you are not able to watch the program live, you can catch it later at www.genesisweek.com. The program is uploaded each Friday.

    The Mystery of Noah's Flood - Movie Production
  • Ian Juby is producing a film called "The Mystery of Noah's Flood".
    Click on the promo for more information.
    Click here to support this project.


Past Events

Answers with Ken Ham - Video!

Genesis and the State of Culture (start at 19:00)

Why Build an Evangelical Ark? (start at 18:30)

Dinosaurs for Kids (starts at 9:30)

Science Confirms the Bible (Starts at 13:55)

The 7 C's of History (Starts at 13:55)

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.
Romans 1:20

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Job 12:7-10
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