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MEMBER and Donation Support Levels
  1. Any person 18 years of age or older who subscribes to the STATEMENT OF BELIEF (Article 2) and the OBJECTIVES (Article 3) of the CSSM Constitution may become a voting member having one equal vote with any other member.
  2. Any person younger than 18 years of age who subscribes to the STATEMENT OF BELIEF (Article 2) and the OBJECTIVES (Article 3) of the CSSM Constitution may become a non-voting student member.
  1. We believe that the universe, human beings, animals, and plants were created by God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--during the six days at the beginning of the world as recorded in Genesis, chapters one and two.
  2. We believe that those biological changes which have occurred since Creation Week are only variations within the created kinds.
  3. We believe that the Great Flood described in Genesis, chapters six through eight, was a historical event, world-wide in its extent and effect. 
  4. We believe that the scientific evidence in the various science disciplines supports the view of Special Creation rather than the view of Evolution.
  5. We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, historically and scientifically true in all their parts, and that in Jesus Christ man, through faith, has redemption from the fall into sin and the hope of eternal life.

We seek to:
  1. further the truth of creation and the implications of creationism in science and the other fields of education,
  2. sponsor creation-orientated programs such as Creation Seminars, Host Creation Speakers, and Youth Programs
  3. encourage the writing, publication, and dissemination of creation literature and materials. 
MEMBERSHIP is obtained by:
  1. subscribing to the STATEMENT OF BELIEF and the OBJECTIVES of this organization,
  2. paying the annual dues, and
  3. approval by the CSSM Board for membership.
MEMBERSHIP LEVEL Donation Support Levels and DUES
  1. Dues shall be paid annually.


If you want to become a member, You can choose your membership support level and subscribe online using PayPal, or Print the form below, fill it out, and mail with payment to the address indicated:

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