Speaker Profiles

Jerry Frye

Mr. Frye is president and owner of The Benefit Services Group, Inc, an employee benefit brokerage firm that serves nationwide employers in a variety of industries, and consults for health care systems in Wisconsin and Illinois. He has served for more than 25 years in various roles in the insurance and employee benefits industry. 

Jerry is regarded as an industry innovator and has been a featured speaker at numerous events including the University Conference Services series, CEBS seminars, physican symposiums, employment law seminars and Americans for Proserity forums. 

Jerry attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and majored in chemistry and accounting.  He has earned the professional designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Registered Health Underwriter (RHU), Registered Employee Benefit Consultant (REBC), and Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL). 



Ken Bahr

Ken Bahr taught Biology, Physical Science, and English at Milwaukee Lutheran High School for 36 years out of a teaching career of forty years.  He taught Algebra and Plane Geometry 4 years at Concordia College High School, in Milwaukee, WI.
He received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Concordia Teacher’s College in River Forest, Illinois.  As a NSF (National Science Foundation) student he obtained his Master’s in Science Education at the University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.
Having an interest in the study of God’s creation, Ken has been active in the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee as President for 17 years, and is currently serving as Membership Coordinator.
Ken is available to present various topics for your school or church or other occasions. 

  Bruce Malone


   Bruce has 27 years’ experience as Research Leader
   with the Dow Chemical Corporation but left in 2008
   to act as full time Executive Director of
   Search for the Truth Ministries.  

Search for the Truth Ministries has the vision of “Awakening Hearts and Minds to Biblical Truth”.  This organization widely distributes Bible-affirming creation materials to students and prisoners – giving away an average of 8000 books per year.  with the vision of “Awakening Hearts and Minds to Biblical Truth”.  This organization widely distributes Bible-affirming creation materials to students and prisoners – giving away an average of 8000 books per year. 

Bruce has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and holds 17 patents for new products with Dow Chemical. 

Bruce Malone has spent the last 30 years bringing the scientific evidence for creation to churches and colleges at seminars throughout the United States and 12 foreign countries.  He has also authored six books on the evidence for creation with over 500,000 copies in print; served as adjunct speaker for the Institute for Creation Research; is an associate speaker for Logos Research Associates Inc.; and is a commissioned worldview speaker under Chuck Colson’s Centurion program - bringing a recent Biblical creation understanding to worldview issues.  

Bruce and his wife Robin have been married for 35 years and have four grown children and four grandchildren.  They reside in Midland, Michigan.


 Jay Seegert     

Jay Seegert is an author and international speaker. He holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology and is the Founder and Managing Director of The Starting Point Project

This ministry helps Christians better understand and better defend the Christian worldview, increasing their confidence in the authority and inspiration of Scripture. They also offer a gracious challenge to the sincere skeptic and address the phenomenon in which a very high percentage of Christian youth walk away from their faith during their college years.

Jay has been speaking over 31 years and has given approximately 2,000 lectures to a wide-range of audiences. He also serves on the Board of Directors for 
Logos Research Associates and is a Representative Speaker for Ratio Christi. In addition, Jay formerly served as the President for the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee and was also adjunct speaker for Creation Ministries International.

Contact Info:


Email: jay@TheStartingPointProject.com

Phone: (262) 227-5636



Tim Chaffey


As the Content Manager for Attractions at AiG, Tim Chaffey oversees research and writing of content used to develop and explain the many exhibits at both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Chaffey joined Answers in Genesis in 2010 after serving many years as both a pastor and a science and Bible teacher. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Theological and Biblical Studies, Chaffey completed an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies, an M.Div., specializing in Apologetics and Theology, and a Th.M. in Church History and Theology.
In addition to his many articles for the Answers in Genesis website, Answers magazine, and Answers Research Journal, Chaffey has written a number of books, including Old-Earth Creationism on Trial, God and Cancer: Finding Hope in the Midst of Life’s Trials, The Truth Chronicles (with Joe Westbrook, books 1–6), Noah: Man of Destiny, Noah: Man of Resolve, and In Defense of Easter: Answering Critical Challenges to the Resurrection of Jesus.
An apologist with a passion for training young people, Chaffey speaks regularly at the Creation Museum, camps, schools, and churches. He specializes in the historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus and the creation v. evolution controversy. A cancer survivor, he also shares how that experience grew his faith, showing him even more strongly how the Bible provides the only solution to the questions of suffering and evil in the world.

Tim Chaffey is the founder and director of Midwest Apologetics, a ministry dedicated to defending the Word of God from the beginning to the end. Before joining AiG, Tim Chaffey taught Bible and science classes at the high school level for six years in Wisconsin.

Chaffey grew up in a Christian home, the middle of five children. Born in California, he was raised primarily in Monroe, Wisconsin, where he and his wife Casey also lived until moving to Kentucky to join Answers in Genesis in 2010. They have 2 children, Kayla and Judah.


Published Works by Tim Chaffey | 18 books, including a youth fiction series to help teenagers learn how to defend the Christian faith.

2018   Noah: Man of God

2017   Noah: Man of Resolve

2017   Searching for Truth: The Illustrated Gospel 

2016   Noah: Man of Destiny

2014   In Defense of Easter: Answering critical challenges to the resurrection of Jesus.

2015   Risen Without A Doubt: Resurrection combo pack.

2014  Worlds of Faith 

2009 - 2013  The Truth Chronicles Bundle
                      Six novels, plus short story and study guide

2009 - 2013  The Thief  |  The Truth Chronicles #4 

2009 - 2013  The Chase  |  The Truth Chronicles #5

2009 - 2013  The Ark  |  The Truth Chronicles #6

2009   God and Cancer: Finding Hope in the Midst of Life’s Trials. Based on Tim's battle with leukemia in 2006, this book offers a powerful apologetic for God’s existence by showing that only the Bible offers the answers to the problem of evil and suffering. 

2009 - 2013  The Time Machine  | The Truth Chronicles #1

2009 - 2013  The Contest   | The Truth Chronicles  #2

2009 - 2013  The Rescue | The Truth Chronicles  #3

2008  Old-earth Creationism on Trial: The verdict is in |  FIRST BOOK

The Sons of God and the Nephilim |  Booklet is the result of Tim's Th.M. thesis

God Means What He Says: a technical rebuttal of the Framework Hypothesis.

Ark Encounter   PO Box 510, Hebron, KY 41048   855.284.3275

Meet Tim Chaffey (31 minutes Ark Reveal Why the Bible Is True

AiG answersingenesis.org  |  Ark Encounter arkencounter.com




  Donald R. Jacobson

   Donald R. Jacobson, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor of Radiology
   Medical College of Wisconsin 

Donald Jacobson received his M.S. degree in Applied Physics in 1975 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduation he worked in industry for 12 years, in various positions including Vice President and Director of Research and Development for Radiation Measurements Inc. in Middleton, WI.  In 1980 a position at GE Medical Systems brought him back to Milwaukee.  
In 1987 he joined the faculty of the Medical College of Wisconsin as an Instructor of Radiology. He completed a Ph.D. degree in Biophysics and was promoted to Assistant Professor of Radiology in 1991. Jacobson is certified in Diagnostic Imaging Physics by the American Board of Medical Physics and the American Board of Radiology. He has taught imaging physics in over 550 continuing education courses, has six patents relating to radiology, and authored a book on the physics and technology of mammography.
Donald Jacobson served for one year as the Technical Director of the Science Education Center at Timber-lee Christian Center in East Troy, WI. While there, he wrote a science curriculum that incorporates humanity and supports the Biblical worldview. He also built a number of hands-on science demonstrations for the center. 
In the 1970s, Donald Jacobson began teaching on the topic of science and the Bible. His teaching experience includes Middleton Bible Institute at the Middleton Baptist Church in Middleton, WI and Moody Bible Institute Evening School in Madison, WI.  He has taught classes and made presentations in a variety of churches and to high school and junior high school Time-Out groups. 
Donald and his wife Cathy have been married for 46 years; they have three children and eight grandchildren.


   Dr. Scott Hardin 

Dr. Hardin is Aurora-St. Luke’s senior vice president for medical affairs, having served the institution as chief medical officer for clinical integration from 2015 to 2017. Board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), he is a fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a member of the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine. Beyond the clinic, he has served on the teaching faculty at Aurora/University of Wisconsin’s Family Practice, and as an Anatomy and Physiology instructor at Carroll University. Dr. Hardin earned his M.D. from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1993; and completed his PM&R residency there in 1997.

As a homeschool dad of six children, Dr. Hardin saw a need for higher level science curricula for the homeschool community. To address this need, he launched Science Shepherd, a homeschool curriculum company specializing in science courses for all ages. Science Shepherd offers tools from on-demand video-based courses and a comprehensive high-school biology text book to integrated lab and supporting materials.  Dr. Hardin also serves as vice president of The Starting Point Project, Jay Seegert’s ministry (http://www.thestartingpointproject.com). 


Science Shepherd websitehttps://scienceshepherd.com



Kitty Foth-Regner

Kitty Foth-Regner was living the feminist dream—a successful copywriting business, the perfect live-in boyfriend, beautiful garden, and a nice house. But when her beloved mother developed a fatal illness, she found herself on the brink of despair with nothing but questions: Could there possibly be a God? If so, which God? And might Heaven really exist?

Bound by a whispered promise, Kitty set out to answer these questions.  She investigated the scientific, historical, and prophetic evidences for the supernatural.  Scrutinized a kaleidoscope of worldviews, from Hinduism to the New Age.  And finally found the answers she sought in Biblical Christianity.

Kitty has written a book called
Heaven Without Her.  Recounted in Foth-Regner's own smart and oftentimes witty voice, Heaven Without Her demonstrates for skeptic and believer alike that truth is indeed knowable - and that it can be discovered by anyone who is willing to examine the evidence objectively.


Russ Hanson

Creation scientist Russ Hanson has a
Bachelor of Science degree in geology
from the University of Wisconsin.
For 18 years (1992 - 2009) Russ Hanson was the Executive Director of In The Beginning Ministries.
In the Beginning Ministries has been dissolved and Russ is no longer doing public speaking.
Please pray for Russ and Laurie Hanson and their family.

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Dr. Nathan Jastram

Dr. Nathan Jastram is head of the Theology Department at Concordia University Wisconsin. Dr. Jastram has a special connection to the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He was one of the few scholars in the world to work directly with the Scrolls and to publish a first edition of their contents.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1948, demonstrate the extreme accuracy of the copying of Biblical manuscripts, contrary to the assumptions of evolutionary scholars and others.




Dr. Gary Locklair

Dr. Gary Locklair is the professor and chair of Computer Science at Concordia University Wisconsin where he has served since 1986.
Prior to that he worked in the computing industry including seven years at Hewlett-Packard company, culminating as a program manager for the LaserJet printer.
Dr. Locklair has been an active researcher in the field of Cosmogony (science of Origins) for more than 20 years. He teaches a science class in Cosmogony at Concordia University Wisconsin. Dr. locklair currently serves on the board of directors of the
Creation Research Society (CRS), the oldest international organization devoted to scientific investigation of the Creation Model of Origins. Gary and his wife are also members of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.
Gary and his wife, Karen, have 5 children and 1 grandchild. They live on a 5 acre hobby farm with two dogs and a horse just south of Random lake, Wisconsin.



About Keith A. Robinson
Author of The Origins Trilogy &
The Tartarus Chronicles
Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others how to defend the Christian faith. Since the release of Logic’s End, his first novel, he has been a featured speaker at Christian music festivals, homeschool conventions, apologetics seminars and churches, as well as appearing as a guest on numerous radio shows.
Since completing The Tartarus Chronicles, he is currently developing a new series about worldviews set in another galaxy where music can control and manipulate nature.
When not writing or speaking, Mr. Robinson is the full-time public school orchestra director at the Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum, a professional freelance violist and violinist in the Southeastern Wisconsin/Northeastern Illinois area, and part of the Colson Fellows program. He currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his wife, Stephanie, their five children, and a Rottweiler named Thor.

The Origins Trilogy                     

 The Tartarus Chronicles


Endorsements for The Origins Trilogy and
The Tartarus Chronicles
“Logic’s End is a great read, and I highly recommend it.
I very much enjoyed reading Logic’s End.  It explores the question of what life would be like on a planet where evolution really did happen.  The surprising result helps the reader to see why life on Earth must be the result of special creation.
For those interested in science fiction but who are tired of all the evolutionary nonsense, Logic’s End is a refreshing alternative.”

Jason Lisle, PhD,
Astrophysicist, Institute for Creation Research
“In this book, Robinson has discovered a “novel” way to communicate vital information to young adults and readers of all ages. Mainstream indoctrination on the origin of species and the age of the earth are regularly encountered, and has long needed combating. Through this unique story, truth is conveyed.”
Dr. John D. Morris,
President, Institute for Creation Research
"Pyramid of the Ancients will challenge you to reconsider the conventional wisdom concerning the history of our world."
Tim Chaffey
Author, The Truth Chronicles
Editor, Answers in Genesis
"A thoroughly enjoyable read with great characters and a compelling, suspenseful story propelled by lots and lots of action. For me, the icing on the cake is the enlightening apologetics information masterfully woven into the story."

Joe Barruso
Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer?