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Recommended Reading:

The Amazing Story of Creation, Gish
Origins Answer Book, P. Taylor
The Great Dinosaur Mystery, P. Taylor
What Is Creation Science, Morris/Parker
The Origin of Living Things, Kautz
The World That Perished, Whitcomb
Darwin’s Enigma: Fossils & Other Problems, Sunderland
Evolution: Challenge of the Fossil Record, Gish
Men of Science, Men of God, Morris
Astronomy and the Bible, DeYoung
The Long War Against God, Morris
The Genesis Solution, Ham/Taylor
Of Pandas and People, Kenyon/Davis
The Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory, Wilder-Smith
In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order, Ian Taylor
Creation’s Tiny Mystery, Gentry
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Denton