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    Jay Seegert 

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Jay Seegert

Jay Seegert (author and international speaker) is the Co-Founder and Principal Lecturer for the Creation Education Center (CECwisc.com).  He is the author of “Let There Be Light” (sub-title: “Making Sense of the Creation/Evolution Controversy”) and has conducted 1,400 lectures in the US and two other countries.
Jay has degrees in both Physics (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) and Engineering Technology (John Brown University, Arkansas).  He has been speaking on Creation/Evolution and the Authority of Scripture, as well as many other apologetic topics, for over 28 years.
In 2007 Jay gave up his own computer programming business and co-founded the Creation Education Center.  He formerly served as President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee for 3 years, and was offered a fulltime position as a national speaker with Answers in Genesis (directed by Ken Ham), but after much prayer felt led by God to turn down the offer.  Jay has also served as an adjunct national speaker for Creation Ministries International and recently accepted an invitation to be a speaker for a newly formed organization called, “The Third Rail”, which provides broadcast interviews with various experts to Christian radio stations across the country. 
In addition to his other commitments, Jay also serves on the board of Logos Research Associates (a “think tank” of scientists and researcher committed to biblical authority).   In an effort to bring Christian apologetics to state universities, Jay is also a Representative Speaker for Ratio Christi, a group that LogosRA is currently working with. 

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Email:    jay@CECwisc.com
Phone:   (262) 227-5636
Web:     www.CECwisc.com