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Nature Corner was produced by Bob Devine for his morning radio program on WCRF in Cleveland, Ohio from the 1960’s into the 1990’s. Each episode is a 10-minute dialog between Bob and a part of God’s creation. Let your pre-school and grade-school age children meet Barry the Barracuda, Isaac the Ice Fish, Lester the Lungfish, Lenny Lens and all the other 490 characters, each describing how they have been specially designed by God.
In the Nature Corner segments, Uncle Bob conducts educational interviews with various wonders of science (including Bruce the Barn Owl, Mr. Kidney and Aunt Arctica), all of whom sound suspiciously like Bob disguising his voice.
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Bob Devine went to be with the Lord on June 23, 2013. Click below to view a memorial page about Bob Devine's life:

The cassette below labeled "Barn Owl — Your Kidney — Antarctic" contains 10 episodes of Uncle Bob's Nature Corner and Storybook Room. Click on each title to listen to each program.

Uncle Bob's Storybook Room - Barn Owl - Your Kidney - Antarctic (mp3s)

301 MP3:
01 Barn Owl (8:48)
02 Your Kidney (7:55)
03 Sing-A-Long Time (0:48)
04 Suffering (5:44)
05 Storybook Room (4:46)
06 Antarctic (9:55)
07 Cleaner Wrasse (7:39)
08 Sing-A-Long Time (0:52)
09 Penny Appendix (8:06)
10 Immorality (6:35)
11 Your Fat (10:11)
In addition to the cassette above, you can listen to the following program:
The Zebra
On track #10, Immorality, Tim asked "What is God's will for our lives?"  Heavy stuff for a kids' show, and the good Uncle makes the most of it by lecturing his young listeners about sexual morality.
The Storybook Room series features Bob and his son Tim pondering age-old theological questions, aided by song and scriptural dramatization. 

Bob Devine, authored several books such as "Uncle Bob Talks With My Digestive System" and "Uncle Bob"s Kangaroo and Squirrel Book".  Click here to read about "The Camel".
StoryBook Room was produced by the Moody Broadcasting Network (Chicago, IL) and is still airing on many radio stations.
You can listen to StoryBook Room every Saturday at 9:45am and Sunday at 3pm on VCY America.     Click Here to Listen to WVCY Radio