Recommended Websites:
Academic Freedom Day
Akron Fossils & Science Center - Akron, Ohio
Anno Mundi Books - Forgotten History of the Western People
Answers In Genesis - Petersburg, Kentucky (Near Cincinnati, Ohio)
Apologetics Fiction
Big Valley Creation Science Museum - Big Valley, Alberta, Canada
Center for Scientific Creation - Dr. Walter Brown 
Chick Publications - Books on Evolution
Christian Creation Association - Janesville, WI
Christian Ministries International - Mike Psarris
Creation Education Center
Creation Instruction Association - Brian Young
Creation Ministries International
Creation Moments
Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky (Near Cincinnati, Ohio)
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Evangelism, Pensacola, FL
Creation Science Hall of Fame
Creation Studies Institute
Creation Sundays
Creation SuperLibrary 
Creation Tips
Creation Training Initiative - Mike Riddle
Creation Truth Foundation - Dr. G. Thomas Sharp and Dr. Charles Jackson
Creation Truth Ministries - Vance Nelson
Defending Genesis - Rev Tony Breeden
Dragons or Dinosaurs
Everlasting Place - Kitty Foth-Regnor
Evidence Web - Web Museum - John Mackay - Great Britain
Evolution Handbook (Formerly Evoution Cruncher)
Evolution: The Grand Experiment
Evolution vs. God
FACT Ministries
Forbidden History: Dinosaurs and the Bible
Genesis Evidence Ministry - Teno Groppi
Genesis Week - Video Series by Ian Juby
Grand River Museum, Lemmon, SD
Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
Logos Research Associates
Lutheran Science Institute
Midwest Creation Fellowship
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, Crosbyton, Texas
New Creations - Panoramic Bible Summary
Noah's Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph
Reasons for Hope - Carl Kerby
The Great Dinosaur Mystery
The Starting Point Project - Jay Seegert  (formerly Creation Education Center)

Untold Secrets Of Planet Earth - Vance Nelson
Walter Lang, Two Decades of Creationism - Ian Juby - You Tube Channel
What's the Evidence?
Your Origins Matter