Thousands not Billions Video
Thousands . . . not Billions
by Larry Vardiman
Radioisotope dating has become the standard method for estimating the age of the Earth. Yet, the millions and billions of years estimated by this method conflicts with the thousands of years that the Bible indicates to be the age of the Earth.  An eight-year research project designed to explore the claims of radioisotope dating for an old earth and to offer a young-earth alternative were completed by the Institute for Creation Research and the Creation Research Society in 2005. The RATE project has found several major pieces of evidence that radioisotope dating is in error by a factor of many orders of magnitude and rocks commonly thought to be billions of years old may only be thousands of years old.  This talk summarizes the project and discusses its major findings.

Topics Include:
  • The Age Issue
  • Assumptions of Radioisotope Dating
  • RATE Hypothesis
  • Findings of the RATE Group
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