Noah's Ark

In 2009 an Expedition Team from Noah's Ark Ministries International discovered a huge wooden structure on Mount Ararat at an altitude above 13,000 feet.  The Team believes they have found Noah's Ark.  The ancient wood structure is broken, so members of the team entered the structure through various openings.  So far, the team has discovered seven spaces.
Wood specimens from the structure have been Carbon Dated at 4,800 years old.
Officials of the Turkish government and Cultural Ministries highly regarded the finds and jointly announced the discovery with the exploration team in Hong Kong on April 25, 2010. They plan to submit an application for the wooden structure to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
The team began searching for Noah's Ark in 2003.


We were originally skeptical that this is Noah's Ark. Our skepticism has proven to be justified. Cobwebs appear in some of the photographs. It is unlikely that you will find cobwebs at 14,000 feet of elevation in a cave that is covered by ice and snow. It has been suggested that either the photographs were taken at a different location, or the wood was transported to Mount Ararat and placed in the cave.
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This find has been rebutted by archeologist Dr. Don Patton.
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Noah's Ark has been "found" many times over the years.

The Bible says Noah's Ark came to rest on the "mountains of Ararat", not the specific mountain identified as Mount Ararat.  Genesis 8:4
We do not know if the Ark still exists, or is in a position to be discovered, nor do we know whether researchers are looking in the right place.
Volcanic activity on the mountains of Ararat as well as several earthquakes make it doubtful that a wooden structure could have survived for over 4,300 years. Furthermore, much of the wood might have been scavenged right after the Flood to erect forms of shelter and to build fires, etc.”
If the Ark is found, it would be another confirmation of the historicity of Genesis and we would be delighted. But, we do not need to find the Ark to give Christians more confidence in the Bible. It is the Word of God, and so we do not doubt that there was a huge Ark that survived the global catastrophe of Noah’s Flood and which landed on the mountains of Ararat. There is also powerful geological evidence (e.g., deep sedimentary layers) and paleontological evidence (e.g., the fossil record) all around the world that is consistent with the event of the Genesis Flood and confirms that it was a worldwide catastrophic event.
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The following videos detail some of the attempts at finding Noah's Ark.

The Ark of Noah (Video) Dr. Don Patton

Second International Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark Symposium 2008, Dogubayazit, Turkey. Satellite imagery has discovered what appears to be a man made object under the ice that is near the summit of Mount Ararat.
Archeology and the Search for Noah's Ark Part 1 Dr. Randall Price
Archeology and the Search for Noah's Ark Part 2
Archeology and the Search for Noah's Ark Part 3

The Discovery of Noah's Ark
This video talks about a man made object that has been found in Turkey. It was first photographed in 1959 by a Turkish air-force pilot on a NATO mapping mission, and gained worldwide attention after its image was published in a 1960 issue of Life Magazine.  This object was a boat that is 6000 feet above sea level and is 2000 miles from the nearest ocean. Many people think this is Noah's Ark.
The Discovery of Noah's Ark

In 2006, a team led by Bob Cornuke discovered mysterious structures in northern Iran that looked like wooden beams (although he clarified that the site was only deserving of further research). Both non-creationists and creationists have now concluded the structures were of geologic origin.
Noah's Ark in Iran?
Noah's Ark for Real?

Here is a detailed critique of Bob Cornuke's claim that the Ark is located in Iran: