Russ Hanson
Russ Hanson
Creation scientist Russ Hanson has a
Bachelor of Science degree in geology
from the University of Wisconsin.
For 18 years (1992 - 2009) Russ Hanson was the Executive Director of In The Beginning Ministries.
In the Beginning Ministries has been dissolved and Russ is no longer doing public speaking.
Please pray for Russ and Laurie Hanson and their family.
We are sad that Russ is no longer available to speak, but we are greatful for the work he has done.  Here are some videos of his teaching:

Why Teach Creation? - Genesis 1
Evidences of a World Wide Flood - Genesis 7
Living Fossils - Acts 1:1-3
The Dinosaur Dilemma - Colossians 1:18
More About Man - 1 Corinthians 3:11,16-19