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Dr. Donn Chapman
Watch as scientists, researchers and authors share relevant facts and thought-provoking evidence of science that supports the truth of Creation.  Join Cornerstone TeleVision's unique program entitled, ORIGINS, and then decide for yourself the truth about origins. 
Donn Chapman reminds us,
“It’s God’s view that He created you… and that should be your worldview too!”

These new programs seen on Cornerstone Television Network and their affiliates throughout the world, continue to offer a forum to use scientific evidence to validate the truth of creation.
Origins airs on WVCY TV 30-1 at the following times:
Sunday 12am
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 6am
Wednesday 1:30pm
Saturday 4pm


Click on the Origins Programs below to Watch them Online:
Introduction to RATE - Age of the Earth (Part 1)
Helium Diffusion Rates - Age of the Earth (Part 2)
Radiohalo Studies - Age of the Earth (Part 3)
Carbon 14 Isotopes - Age of the Earth (Part 4)
Isochron Discordance - Age of the Earth (Part 5)
World Wide Flood - Gelogical Evidences (Part 1)
World Wide Flood - Geological Evidences (Part 2)
World Wide Flood - Geological Evidences (Part 3)
Slaughter of the Dissidents
Persuaded by the Evidence
Irreducible Complexity
Lucy, She's no Lady
What About Comets?
Design in Astronomy
The Impact of Craters
Science: The Whole Story
Evidence for a Young World (Part 1)
Evidence for a Young World (Part 2)
Center of the Universe
Starlight and Time
Creation Stories
Creation - The Greatest Miracle
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